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The Books of Alexandrea

The Books of Alexandrea

The Books of Alexandrea

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The Book Club

No one asks about Book Club; calling it a Coven raises suspicion.
Being unable to so much as hear someone speak about magic was supposed to protect Alexandrea. When an ordinary Saturday hike ends in the hospital with her cousin Billy badly hurt, Alex’s aunt Heather is frantic. Sure, she’s upset about her son, but she understands that this was no ordinary accident.
Heather has been hiding Alex from Matthew for years. Now he’s found her.
With no way to warn Alex of what’s coming for her, Heather calls a meeting of her Book Club.
No one is prepared for what happens next, least of all Alex, who will be sent on a journey of discovery that will leave her questioning everyone’s motives—if she survives.
Alex's journey begins in The Book Club

The Between

In The Between, the danger ramps up as Alex, Rose, and the rest of the coven face darker challenges, more ruthless enemies, and even more surprising allies. The mysteries deepen, and the universe expands in wondrous, unforeseen ways. Their travels take them to the very belly of the beast and into a direct confrontation with Death itself.
It's a must-read follow up to The Book Club!
Alex's journey continues in The Between.

The Library

Book 3, The Library, Alex’s story continues.Separated from her coven, the Book Club, Alex will face dangers she cannot imagine,
find allies she never expected, and venture further into The Between than ever before,
revealing the vastness of this universe and all its secrets.
To survive, she will need all her courage, all her cunning, and all her friends.
But can Alex make the sacrifices necessary to defeat such an all-powerful foe as Jeremiah?
Her choices will change everything.The Library is the thrilling conclusion of The Books of Alexandrea.Alex’s journey ends in The Library.

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